• To respect and enforce laws and rulings applicable to our activity sector, the Code of conduct for the tourism industry as well as the guidelines on service quality in the food service industry.
    • Offer truthful, precise and complete information to our staff and customers, in any and all communications.
    • To know our customers and offer quality service that meets and exceeds their expectations.
    • To aim high in human qualities by promoting empathy, courtesy, attention to detail, honesty, confidentiality and diligence to deserve the respect of our customer and employees at all times.
    • To offer and maintain a clean, agreeable and perfectly appropriate venue and facilities to our customers in accordance to the applicable security regulations.
    • To promote local and regional products and showcase the gaspesian cultural uniqueness.
    • To participate in resource preservation with responsible practices regarding the natural and human environment.
    • To favor professional and personal development for our employees and to help them acquire the technical and technological knowledge that will help them strive in their work environment.